Mock Interview

A mock interview, is not “real”. But it can be worth the investment for your future job. You might be putting lot of efforts in searching jobs, or even in preparing your resume, but if you are not serious or spending time in horning your interview skills, then you may end up in a disappointment.

A study has revealed that a candidate’s background and qualifications were far less influential in their hiring decisions than interview performance and professionalism.

Some of the main advantages of mock interview are:

  • It will reduce interview anxiety by familiarizing you with the situation.
  • It will boost your confidence about the things you are doing well.
  • It will allow you to preview any interviewing weaknesses you have.
  • It gives you the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from an interviewing professional.

If you are currently job hunting, we recommend you find out the power of the mock interview for yourself.

Benefits of Mock Interviews:

Mock interviews help candidates reduce their stress and anxiety about interviews.

If you are not sure how to answer typical interview questions, mock interviews provide a great opportunity for you to “test drive” your answers. We can give you feedback on whether or not your response is suitable.

Mock interviews help you boost your confidence.

We point out your strengths in the interview process. By having confidence in your skills, you will perform better in an actual interview.

Mock interviews provide you with constructive feedback in a low-stress environment.

No one is the perfect candidate, so mock interviews help you clarify responses to certain questions and help you work on areas where you may have weaknesses. In a real interview, there is no feedback about your interviewing abilities, so a mock interview is a perfect opportunity to find out why you may be having some difficulty in landing your dream job.

Practice makes perfect:

One should master the art of taking advantage of a mock interview so as to make you near perfect when it comes to holding yourself together in an interview.


Many of us feel nervous and upset just before a scheduled interview. It is not surprise or secret that these events can be nerve-wrecking.

Even if you have had an experience of attending many interviews, it’s still something that all of us feel. So with practice and mock ups, many have expressed that there has been a slight increase in their confidence.

Body Language:

Mock Interviews help you prepare well in terms of body language and professional etiquette. That is you will gain inputs on the way you greet in an interview and the way you depart from an interview.

All this adds to the positive points that you collect through the journey of your interview.

General Knowledge:

When mock ups are performed, you automatically learn about general knowledge and common interview questions.

Common interview questions would include –

  • Give an introduction to yourself.
  • How have you disposed your leadership skills?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
  • Summarize your resume.